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For many women, getting a job is a lifeline. It is a chance to escape poverty, gain financial stability and restore confidence. In the shadow of the cost of living crisis, there is an intensified need for the Smart Works service.

Smart Works is a UK charity that dresses and coaches unemployed women for their job interview. They give women the confidence they need to reach their full potential, secure employment and transform their lives. In the last year, 69% got a job within a month of their appointment.

Between 23rd February and 8th March 2024, I will be cycling to raise vital funds for Smart Works. I will be pedalling for a purpose and would appreciate every pound you are able to give to support this brilliant charity.

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Monday 26th Feb

International Women’s Day: Cycle for Smart Works As we approach International Women’s Day on 8th March, colleagues from offices around the world have once again joined the Smart Works’ Cycle Challenge. The challenge started on Friday, and participants will be cycling and spinning until the end of next week to raise awareness and funds to support the Charity’s work. Smart Works is a UK-based charity that helps unemployed women back into the workplace by providing interview training, clothing and styling advice. Unemployment is one of the biggest causes of poverty and associated with physical and mental health challenges, high mortality rates and academic underperformance, and the women they support are at the greatest risk of economic hardship and discrimination. In the least year, 44% of clients had been unemployed for over a year, 18% had applied for over 50 jobs and 10% had applied for over 100 jobs before coming to Smart Works. In addition, 37% were single mothers, 16% have a disability and 52% were from an ethnic minority. Through their work they have supported over 30,000 women to feel more confident and put their best foot forward in their job interviews.

While our team are clocking up the miles (and trying to beat some of the other corporate participants…), any support would be greatly appreciated, and if you feel you would like to, you can donate directly to the HarbourVest page here:

Now the race is on to see who in team can clock the most miles….

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Good luck Robyn and for a great charity.


Robyn Glenny