Frequently Asked Questions

About the challenge

What is Cycle for Smart Works?

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Cycle for Smart Works is our annual fundraising challenge which celebrates International Women’s Day and raises vital funds for Smart Works. You can sign up with friends and family as a team, cycle through your workplace in a corporate team, or sign up as an individual. Participants can take part on any bike they like, and teams do not need to be physically together to join in the fun.
This year's challenge runs from the 23rd of February to the 8th of March.

When is Cycle for Smart Works?

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Cycle for Smart Works is back this September, running from the 1st-30th. 

Is there a registration fee?

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No, it is completely free to sign up to the challenge. 

Who can take part?

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This challenge is for everyone, whether you’re a cycling fanatic or a total novice, you choose the distance which best suits you: 100, 150 or 250 miles or set your own target.

Is my team restricted to five members?

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No it is not restricted. If you are taking part through your workplace there is no limit to the number of people at your company who can take part.

How can I get an exclusive Cycle for Smart Works 2024 t-shirt?

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The first 20 teams with 10 team members and the first 50 individuals to raise £100 will receive an exclusive Cycle for Smart Works t-shirt.

How do I use the email signatures Smart Works have provided?

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Firstly, download your favourite email signature from the resources section. Find your email signature in the settings of your email account (top tip: you can always search ‘signature’ if it’s tricky to find).

Next, insert or paste the image into your email signature. Finally, you can add a hyperlink to your team’s fundraising page by clicking on the graphic, selecting the ‘insert link’ button and pasting the link to your fundraising page. 

Where can I submit photos?

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We would love to see your Cycle for Smart Works photos and hear your stories!

Use the hashtag #CycleforSmartWorks when sharing on social media or email your Cycle stories to 

Signing up

How do I create a team?

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If you are the first person from your team to sign up, then you will need to create a team. Whilst you're filling out the registration form, you'll be given the option to create your team.

You can then invite people to join your team by sending out your team link!

How do I join a team?

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Complete the registration form. When it comes to 'Join a team', you will be able to select your team name from the drop-down. 

I can no longer take part in Cycle for Smart Works, but I have already signed-up. What should I do?

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We're sorry you are no longer able to take part. Please email to let us know.

I can’t see my company/organisation on the sign up form. Who should I contact?

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Click on the 'Register your company' link in the registration flow to create your company page. You will be asked to create a team, simply select the centre you are supporting from the drop down menu and this will create the team for you. 

How do I brand my organisation’s page?

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Team leaders can add organisational logos to their pages – if you do not see an ‘camera’ icon on the Cycle logo inviting you to modify this logo then you are not registered as team captain – you can either email and ask that you are registered as the team leader and make these amends or ask your team captain to do this.


Why is my team fundraising target £250 and the organisation target £1000? 

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These values are set as default amounts when a team registers, but you can easily change them if you are the Team Captain. Simply click, edit my team page. 

How much do I need to raise?

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We ask for a fundraising target of £100 per person. There are prizes to be won for the top fundraisers, so encourage your friends, family and colleagues to dig deep!

How can I hit my fundraising target?

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Check out the Welcome Pack that we have emailed to you for fundraising tips and advice.

Where does the money go?

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The money you raise will go towards your chosen Smart Works centre and will support our mission: for any woman who needs our help to be able to find her way to Smart Works. With your help, we will be able to reach and help more women across the UK with the clothing, coaching and confidence they need to get the job and transform their lives.

Where and how do I pay my sponsorship money in?

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If you have collected any money through fundraising events we would recommend that you donate this directly to your fundraising page.

Can people add Gift Aid to their donations?

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Of course. UK taxpayers can increase the value of their donations by 25%. This means that if they donate £10, Smart Works will receive an extra £2.50 – at no additional cost to the donor. As the fundraiser, you don’t need to do anything other than spread the word. Stripe will automatically ask your sponsors if they’re eligible for Gift Aid and pass on the money in full.

How can I customise and update my page?

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We recommend updating the photos and text on your page, as well as posting regular updates to let your supporters know how you’re getting on with the challenge. Go to 'edit my page' in the dropdown under your name in the top right hand corner to make any changes to your page.

Can the team page receive donations?

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Yes! This year you are able to donate to an individual cyclist or to a whole team cycling for Smart Works. Follow the 'Donate' button above.

Completing the challenge

How should I complete my miles?

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You are welcome to cycle your way to your target on any bike that you like. This could be on a stationary bike in the gym, in a group spin class or outside on a mountain bike – or a combination!

Where should I complete my miles?

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This is completely up to you and your team. You can cycle anywhere you like, and you do not need to be physically with your teammates to complete your miles. We recommend a WhatsApp group to stay in touch and add up the miles each day.

How do I upload the miles I have completed to my fundraising page?

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We support Garmin, FitBit and MapMyFitness. You are welcome to connect your fitness account with your individual fundraising page to log your miles automatically or you can keep track of your miles in any way you like and add them manually. Manually logged miles should be live within an hour.

How do I find my team on the official Leaderboards?

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You can expand both the Distance and Fundraising Leaderboards to see where your team sits.

Can I link a fitness app to my fundraising page?

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Yes. You can easily connect to fitness apps to keep track of your activity. We support Garmin, FitBit and MapMyFitness.

Unfortunately it is not possible to link Strava accounts but Strava users can join our Strava Club here to give each other Kudos.

Based on updated documentation, we know that Strava limits the number of people who can connect to its services via another platform (in this case, this is the Cycle for Smart Works).

This limit can vary depending on the number of activities that each person creates and syncs each day. Recently, we have seen this limit decrease, and more recently it has been limited to 1 user connection per platform. 

Further Questions

I still have questions. Who can I contact?

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Please email and our friendly team will be happy to help. 


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